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Throughout human history education has been the process by which we prepare children to participate in the adult world. In this century, however, schools have become an increasingly isolated and isolating part of our society, one in which children under 18 are removed from substantive exposure to and meaningful involvement in the adult world.

The program at Four Winds teaches first that learning is communal – the passing on of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. Four Winds removes education from the narrow norm of teacher-text-classroom, and creates a framework with extraordinarily powerful and fruitful expectations–that the world itself is a classroom, one full of information, full of knowledgeable, skilled, and interesting people who are willing to share their experience.

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“Four Winds transformed what would have been two miserable years of my life into two of the best years.”

Lia Ashe-Simmer, graduate

“If any of you know someone with middle-school aged children in the Pioneer Valley in Massachusetts, there’s a really neat little school that is still enrolling. Four Winds provides a nurturing learning environment that is perfect for children who don’t feel challenged in their current academic situation. You get to pursue your own academic interests with a lot of personalized help and direction. This was the place that I fell in love with Latin.”

Wes Mason, graduate

“Four Winds is innovative in its attention to each individual, and it is traditional in the quality and rigor of the education. It is the best of both worlds.”

Ellen Rainville, mother of David, graduate

“I began a math avoider, shifted to a math survivor, became a math performer, and passed GCC college math class in my eighth grade summer.”

Sam Ness, graduate

“This is the first year Lucas has ever gotten up and wanted to go to school. This is a huge thing for us.”

Ed Streeter-Gelineau, father of Lucas, graduate

“Four Winds isn’t a school for exceptional children. It is an exceptional school for children. Byron, Hud, and I couldn’t be happier with our experience at Four Winds.”

Lili Dwight and Byron Coley